«Bari Visionaria», the Spazio Murat exhibition will remain open until 8 December

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twelve o’clock, November 24, 2021 – 13:49

The exhibition is an investigation into the collective memory of the city of Bari through the media, and transversely connects the historical fabric of the city and connects different disciplines, to provide the tools useful to develop new visions of and for the regional capital.

Two more weeks to attend the Bari Visionaria exhibition. 1989-1994, 2021, by Spazio Murat, which from 9 November welcomed about 500 visitors to the space dedicated to contemporary art in Piazza del Ferrarese (from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 20). Art has always been a mirror of the way of thinking, feeling and experiencing reality in different historical moments. “Bari Visionaria. 1989 – 1994, 2021 ”presents the public with a very recent and often forgotten past. The exhibition is an investigation into the collective memory of the city of Bari through the media. The project transversally connects the historical fabric and connects different disciplines, to provide the tools useful to develop new visions of and for the city of Bari.

Lawrence Weiner’s installation

The installation of Lawrence Weiner, one of the central figures of contemporary art, among the masters who in the 1960s redefined the role of the artist and the work of art, determining the predominance of the idea over the realization. For the first time in Bari, he generously granted the city a temporary sculpture. The work not only leaves room for the reader’s interpretations, but favors a reflection on the potential and criticism of language and translation. Precisely starting from the intervention of Lawrence Weiner – that is, taking the notions of vision, language, history as a starting point – the part of the exhibition takes shape within the exhibition space that hinges on the local to insert the Apulian territory within a global context.

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We start from 1989, a year that marks the end of an era for Europe with the fall of the Berlin Wall, but also the year in which Kimberl Crenshaw in the United States proposes the notion of “intersection” to describe the overlap of different social identities and their possible particular discrimination, oppression, or domination. 1994 is the year in which three planets are discovered outside the solar system for the first time. And 2021 the contemporary look on the city of today. Visionary Bari. 1989-1994, 2021 an open and interactive project. Spazio Murat invites the public and the local realities to participate. It will be possible to contribute to the future developments of the project by sharing information and archives of people, associations, institutions thanks to a workstation set up for the purpose within the exhibition space, or by writing to [email protected] a way to involve the city and give space to other points of view.

The exhibition, created thanks to the contribution of the Puglia Region Extraordinary Program 2020, was made possible by the extraordinary participation of Lawrence Weiner, Angelo Michele Giannone, director of the Sagarriga Visconti Volpi National Library, Anna D’Elia and Pietro Marino, who made available their archives in the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno; by Vincenzo Magist, director of Telenorba, and by Massimo Bianco and Nicola Magist, guides in the research of video materials.

Spazio Murat a cultural container dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of contemporary arts. Together with the Margherita Theater and the Ex Mercato del Pesce, it constitutes the Contemporary Pole of the City of Bari. The first space to host the activities of the Pole, and characterized by a rich program of events, with particular attention to the visual arts. and design. It is located in Bari in Piazza del Ferrarese, the point of contact between the old city and the modern village. Born in 1818 as a food market, the space was demolished in the mid-twentieth century and later rebuilt in the nineties. Spazio Murat today hosts exhibitions, meetings, workshops and the Puglia Design Store concept store.

November 24, 2021 | 13:49

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