LOW ATESINA. In addition to the damage – caused by a closure that has lasted for months – a bartender from Bassa Atesina who also manages a Sisal Mooney point (the new digital and physical payment service at the network of 50 thousand tobacconists and bars of the Supernalotto) had to reckon in recent days with a phone scam that cost him 1,000 euros.

In recent days, he filed a complaint in the offices of the Postal Police. A similar scam was common, even in the area, 4-5 years ago. «This is a particularly difficult period – explains the bartender – for our category. The one of the other day was a burning joke for me ».

“They have us first called on the landline phone and then also on the mobile phone, using WhatsApp, saying they would have to replace the terminals following the Covid emergency. They explained that they were late and that if we didn’t join the cars would go on lockdown. We make phone top-ups, pay fines, stamps, hospital bulletins and so on. In the meantime, an update has been proposed to us. To verify that everything went well, we were provided with codes and ended up on the prepaid cards. At that moment 1,000 euros were stolen from us by deception “.

“The self-styled Sisal operator, to whom we had asked for e-mails and Pec which were then found to be bogus, asked us to repeat the operation but we refused. From what we have been able to ascertain in the recent past, with the same technique, other South Tyrolean bartenders have also been scammed ». Then, by analyzing the reply email from the fake Sisal operator, we understand that they are scammers. “The Italian is struggling, one senses that there is something wrong”.

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