Base Mars, a lesson on the Red Planet-

It could happen. Perhaps it will happen, in twenty years or less, that an Italian astronaut takes part in an international mission to Mars. That with his colleagues he must survive in the base landed on the Red Planet, conduct research on the external environment, organize himself for a long stay. If someone asks the crew members when and how they decided to launch into the colonization of space, the national astronaut could answer that he was struck back in 2021 by a visit with the school to the “Leonardo da Vinci” Museum of Science and Technology. of Milan, which transported him to the universe, made him understand the importance of teamwork and dream of an extraterrestrial adventure.

In 2021

Man or woman, our cosmonaut will probably not be of wealthy origins: Base Marte, the one almost ready in a wing of the Milanese museum, is one of the surprises reserved for the coming year to students between 9 and 14 years of thirteen schools Lombardy, Piedmont, Sicily and Campania, selected on the basis of the economic and cultural hardship in which they operate. They will be the pioneers of the team game (but without winners or losers) who will transform them for a couple of hours into cosmonauts of the Martian station Schiaparelli, assigning a scope to each research group: the area of ​​life support systems (supply and control of water and air), the greenhouse of vegetables, the health area (physical and mental), the software area and that of external works, with the help of robots.

The project

Role-playing games against social fragility? «It is part of the Stem * lab project, Discover, transmit, excite, motivate, financed by the Fund for the contrast of juvenile educational poverty», confirms the director, Fiorenzo Galli. «Base Marte was created by our internal staff, with the partnership of the Turin foundation For the South and with children. And we also have another laboratory ready, Future Inventors, created with the support of the Rocca Foundation ».

No hibernation

In the months of forced closure to the public, the museum has not fallen into hibernation. Patrizia Cerutti, head of Stem Education programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is eager to «create a new scientific citizenship. We should have left as early as last October, hopefully in the spring. In Milan, the Municipality has already identified the first six suburban schools that we will welcome ». Staggered, seventy classes will cross the new and beautiful Leonardo Galleries, will touch the gigantic Schiaparelli telescope, will scrutinize the lunar fragment brought back by Apollo 17 and finally find themselves in the whiteness of the space station, furnished with authentic pieces provided by Estec (European Center for space research and technology) and original images of the red sand of Mars in the portholes: «If we can be innovative», Galli acknowledges, «it is also thanks to the support of private foundations for the cultural part».

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