Basketball, diabetic shock on the pitch: a Fortitudo Messina player dies at 32

He died in the hospital in Reggio Calabria Haitem Jabeur Fathallah, 32 years old, basketball player under the Fortitudo Messina, due to an illness that hit him during a match between his team and Dierre di Reggio at the Palalumaka of the city of the Strait, valid for the Serie C Gold championship. The point guard had found difficulty moving in the middle of the game, in the third minute of the third quarter: initially he remained conscious, he had been rescued by some medici present in the stands and then taken to the gathered hospitals of the city by ambulance. On the way, according to what we learn, he had a cardiac arrest and died shortly after arriving at the facility. The game in the meantime continued: the Fortitudo players learned of the fate of their teammate only at the end.

According to preliminary information, the cause of death is one hypoglycemic crisis which would have pushed the athlete into a coma, a kind of “diabetic shock”. Fathallah had over 250 appearances in senior basketball leagues. Born in Agrigento, after playing with Porto Empedocle, Racalmuto and Licata, he arrived in Messina in the 2016/2017 season, playing first in the Basket School and later in the Fortitudo Messina. Reggio Calabria was the second game of his season: in the first he had scored six points.

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