Basketball match in Nellai Basketball match in paddy field


Nellai District School and College Inter-District Basketball Tournament Nellai Meeting M.D. It started on 8th till yesterday at Hindu College High School. In the competition for students, Balayangottai Abdul Rahman High School will take on M.D.D. Hindu College High School team also clashed. The Palayamgottai school team won in this.

Ignatius Convent team of Palayangottai and Thilakar Vidyalaya School team of Kallidaikurichi played in the girls competition. In this Ignatius Convent School team did not win. In the competition for college students, Palayankot Satakathulla Appa College team, M.D. Hindu college team also played. Satakatullah Abba College team won in this. Similarly, Xavier College Palayamgottai team and Rani Anna Women’s College team played in the women’s competition. Xavier College team won in this. In the awarding ceremony that followed, Pritamsingh and Ramalingam, former basketball players of the Indian team, participated and gave prizes to the winning teams. Nellai District Basketball Association President Mohan, Secretary Nellaiyappan, Treasurer Selvagopal, Physical Education Teacher Sankara Pandian and many others participated in this.


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