Bastrykin accused Morgenstern of drug dealing in social networks

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The chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR), Alexander Bastrykin, said that the rapper Morgenstern (Alisher Valeev), “in fact,” sells drugs on social networks. He did not explain what exactly was meant. The lawyer of the rapper Morgenstern, Sergei Zhorin, commented on the statement of Mr. Bastrykin, saying that drug trafficking is out of the field of the music artist. The lawyer expressed concern that the words of the head of the TFR might be perceived by his subordinates as a call to action.

“Blogger Morgenstern is now selling drugs, in fact, on social networks. It involves a huge number of our young people in its sphere of communication, and we all sit and argue abstractly that a person is the highest value and human rights cannot be violated! ” – said Mr. Bastrykin at the scientific-practical conference “The role of law in ensuring human well-being.”

“What we think, how we will react, is of secondary importance here – it is more important how Bastrykin’s subordinates will react to it. No matter how they take it as a call to action. Obviously, Morgenstern does not sell drugs – this is not his field of activity. But what Bastrykin said is puzzling. Maybe he was misinformed, ”said Mr. Zhorin in a conversation with

Earlier, the TFR began checking Morgenstern’s video “Pablo” after a request from a certain citizen Novikov, who saw in the text of the song of the same name a tendency for adolescents to use drugs (clause “a”, part 3, article 230 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, punishment up to 15 years in prison). In the summer, the rapper was fined 100 thousand rubles. after complaining about the content of the clips “Rose Wine-2” and Family.

About claims to creativity Morgenstern – in the material “b” “Pablo will be”.

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