‘Battle Strike 2’ suffers massive DDoS attack on its first day – Engadget


In addition to attracting a large number of loyal fans on the first day of “Overwatch 2” (Overwatch 2), it also attracted malicious hackers.Many players reported that they encountered problems such as being stuck on the loading screen, and the game jumped incorrectly. Mike Ybarra It also tweeted that the company’s servers were hit by a massive DDoS attack. Since the servers of “Battle Strike” have been officially shut down with the arrival of the sequel, this means that players can only find other things to do before Blizzard finds a solution.

In addition to dealing with hacker attacks, the official also needs to catch some bugs exposed in the early tests, such as players’ items and currency disappearing for no reason, some areas cannot be entered, and SMS protection makes players unable to play, etc.


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