Bayerischer Rundfunk: The taxpayers’ association complains of a 465 million euro hole

Dhe Association of Taxpayers is sharply criticizing the broadcasting system in view of the impending financial gap at Bayerischer Rundfunk, according to “Bild”. “The revelation by the Court of Auditors proves that public broadcasting is a sick system that urgently needs to be reformed,” the newspaper quoted Federal Vice President Michael Jäger as saying. “A private broadcaster would have to file for bankruptcy. But the fee monster ARD simply increases the broadcasting fees.”

On Friday, the Bavarian Supreme Court of Auditors had called for further savings efforts by BR and, among other things, referred to a deficit of 465 million euros in pension provisions. Despite previous austerity measures, the financial reserves of the BR would be largely used up by the end of 2024, according to the Court of Auditors.

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The chairwoman of the BR administrative board and president of the Bavarian state parliament, Ilse Aigner, defended the course of the station in “Bild”: “The supreme Bavarian Court of Auditors expressly appreciates the efforts of the Bavarian broadcaster to save money – that’s a good thing,” she said. Work will now continue to “consistently save and streamline the structures of the station”.


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