“Bayern Munich players have lost faith in Julian Nagelsmann”

“Bayern Munich players have lost faith in Julian Nagelsmann”

Bayern Munich shocked the football world last night (Thursday) with the reports of the surprising exchange of Julian Engelsman for Thomas Tuchel. Neglesman did have a good season in the league and reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League with the team, but the Bavarian management chose to replace him with the former Chelsea coach.

Now more light has been revealed on the surprising dismissal of Nagelsmann, in the middle of the national team break and without prior preparation. Fabrizio Romanowho revealed the shock, testified: “Bayern believes it can win championships and championships, they wanted to act quickly. There were problems between Neglesman and the management and many players lost faith in the coach’s tactical plans.”

Tuchel himself was also a candidate for Tottenham and Real Madrid, but preferred Bayern due to his familiarity with some of the players. He was chosen for the role due to his playing style and attitude towards the media. Neglesman, by the way, was responsible for a significant change in the squad in the summer, among other things, Sadio Mane arrived and Robert Lewandowski left.

A preliminary hint to Nagelsmann’s dismissal, according to the “Image“, came from the words of the sporting director Hasan Salihmidzic after the Bavarians’ last loss to Leverkusen: “This is not the club’s way. Lack of desire, pre-renunciation of closeness, lack of aggressiveness. It’s very rare.” That’s why the team came to the conclusion that Nagelsmann himself is to blame, and this season the team’s long streak of championships may come to an end.

That’s why in Germany you can understand the surprising layoffs, at least according to Matthias Bruegelmann.Image“. “It’s a difficult decision but Bayern have been consistently indifferent. They lost too many points and also last year did not look good in the Champions League after being eliminated against Villarreal. They needed a shock, and their squad may be the best in the world. Neglesman is not a good enough coach for him.”

“He just doesn’t deserve Bayern Munich,” added Kerry Howe of “Sport 1“. “Niceness won’t help Bayern, football can be brutal. They want to win and the results are above all, so it was a justified step.”

Neglesman and the players found out about the move from the media, according to the “kicker” the German, while the coach himself was informed of this in the middle of a ski vacation. Tuchel’s nomination was “a matter of time” and the coach will guide the team in its first game after the break, the classic against Borussia Dortmund. By the way, Bayern has not yet officially announced the dismissal of Neglesman or his appointment of Tuchel.

The reaction of one of them, Joao Cancelo, intrigued many in Germany. Cancelo arrived on loan from Manchester City and was not expected to continue at Bayern, but tried to remain diplomatic: “I want to thank Langelsmann because thanks to him I am at Bayern, but Thomas Tuchel is an excellent coach. I hope I will win championships with him.” Cancelo, according to “Sport 1” The German, smiled and expressed his enthusiasm.

Tuchel, let’s remember, came to Chelsea in the middle of the season instead of Frank Lampard and won the Champions League with the team in 2020. In the past he coached Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain, and now the German is coming to the eternal champions of the Bundesliga, perhaps on the way to one of the rarest achievements in the history of club football: reaching a team in the middle of the season and winning the Champions League twice.


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