BBB Food Tracks at Dor Alon Complexes

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The BBB hamburger chain launches BBB BY THE WAY The Food Trucks chain, which will be installed in the Dor Alon gas station complexes

The BBB hamburger chain is expanding and developing new marketing and distribution arms to stretch the brand. The chain is currently launching the BBB BY THE WAY sub-brand – the Food Tracks chain, which will be permanently installed in the Dor Alon gas station complexes throughout Israel.

During this time, the group invests about NIS 30 million.
The food trucks will be operated, like all the group’s brands, in the franchise method, with the group’s franchisees being given the first right to operate it, as an additional profit unit.

Starting next week, 2 new food trucks will start operating, which were brought to Israel from Europe, and placed at the Dor Alon complex on Road 6 at the Dvira junction in the south and at the Kibbutz Magal interchange in the north.

BBB’s food truck fleet will offer a tight menu featuring selected popular BBB dishes, such as burgers, fries, vegan burgers, varied drinks, etc., in aesthetic takeaway packages.
At a later stage, the food trucks will also serve as points for delivering deliveries to nearby communities.

More podcasts are making their way to Israel these days, with the group’s goal being to open dozens of points all over the country. This is another step in deepening the cooperation between the BBB Group and Dor Alon, which acquired 50% of the group several months ago.

Ahuva Turgeman, CEO and owner of the BBB Group, said: “The new move is another step in our business development strategy, which states that a successful and popular brand needs to meet its existing customer base as well as new audiences, in other and surprising places, outside the restaurant. We are investing a lot of resources in the development of the brand, and I estimate that within a year we will be operating points in all Dor Alon complexes, in the entire State of Israel. “

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The BBB Group manages the BBB, Moses, Burgerim, Moses Shop and Meat DeliI deli chains in about 100 locations throughout the country.


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