Bear dismembers a 16-year-old: tourist attends the scene and hits the animal on the neck with a sharpener

A brown bear tore a 16 year old boy and then it was in turn hit in the neck with a penknife by a tourist. The facts occurred at‘Ergaki National Park in the Saiani mountains, in Russia: according to what has been reconstructed, the 16-year-old worked in the park as a tour guide and was there with a holiday group when at a certain point his traces were lost.

Thus, two tourists who were with him left the base camp where they had camped with tents to look for him: it was at this point thatand they found the bear lying on the remains of the teenager he had just torn to pieces. When he noticed their presence, the big brown bear also pounced on them: one of the two men managed to escape and reach the base camp to raise the alarm, while the other stabbed the animal several times in the neck with a penknife and then throw himself to the ground pretending to be dead.

By the time Russian national park personnel arrived, the injured bear had already wandered off into the woods. After hours of research, the rangers managed to locate it and shoot it down as he tried to attack them too. Igor Gryazin, director of the national park, said that the 16-year-old boy would take “A shortcut” during a walk and this “exposed him to further dangers ”.

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