Beatles fan from Neuss loves relatives of John Lennon – Düsseldorf

Beatles fan from Neuss loves relatives of John Lennon – Düsseldorf

2023-05-28 15:56:13

Neuss (NRW) – Only life can write such a story: After a serious illness forced Georg Hentschel (64) to close his popular Beatles Museum in Neuss (the only one in the Rhineland) after 15 years, he found a new love. And she happens to be related to John Lennon (“Let it Be”)!

Due to illness, Hentschel had to close the museum. When he was considered cured after three years in the middle of the pandemic, he felt renewed vigour. He met alternative practitioner Elise Kushner (66) on a dating portal.

Photo: picture-alliance / United Archives/TopFoto

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John Lennon and his Yoko: Elise Kushner is more than four corners related to the world starPhoto: picture-alliance / United Archives/TopFoto

“It didn’t take us long to realize that we are both big Beatles fans,” says the New Yorker, who has lived in Cologne for many years. But what she only revealed to her Georg later: She is more than four corners related to the great John Lennon! “It’s anecdotal, but my second cousin’s grandfather was related to John’s aunt’s husband.” Georg is certain: “It’s coincidence.”


At only nine years old, little Georg discovered the music of the Beatles through his neighbor in Neuss-Holzheim: “I was immediately infected.” From then on, he saved all his money (“I had three jobs!”) to get the records to buy his idols.

Die Beamten-Devotionalien sind teilweise aus den 70er: Hier Keramik-Figuren (Kostenpunkt: 67 Euro)Photo: Uli Engers

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Some of the official memorabilia are from the 70s: here ceramic figures (cost: 67 euros)Photo: Uli Engers

In the confectionery where he completed his training, he is only called “George” with a British pronunciation. “Georg” begins to collect all sorts of things about the Beatles. “At some point it was clear to me that I had to turn my hobby into a job.”

In 1989 he started a Beatles mail order company and was always on the lookout for unusual merchandising. “In those days, engraved mirrors were all the rage. I developed a new technique and had it patented,” says Hentschel.

Das Beatles-Museum aus Neuss war das Einzige seiner Art im RheinlandPhoto: BILD

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The Beatles Museum from Neuss was the only one of its kind in the RhinelandPhoto: BILD

He sent the first example of his “glass-in-glass” mirror Paul McCartney. “As a thank you for his music. But I never thought that it would come back!” The world star not only thanks the Neusser – he also orders a whole series of mirrors.

In 2002, Hentschel opened the first Beatles Museum in the Rhineland in Neuss. “Ringo Starr wanted to be there, but unfortunately had to cancel because his daughter was ill,” Hentschel recalls. Three years later, however, there was an unexpected meeting with a Beatle in Neuss.

“I was about to close the museum when someone knocked on the window. Without seeing who it was, I opened the door. And there Paul was standing in front of me!” For two hours, the two of them chatted about everything and everything. “It was surreal.”

The couple has had a new one for two years now Beatles-Laden on Neustrasse in Neuss. In addition to rarities from the 1960s and 1970s, they also offer art pieces and stage costume replicas: “We are also friends with the Beatles tailor Gordon Millings. He is celebrating a Beatles party with us in Neuss at the end of August.”

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