Beauce | MP Richard Lehoux suffers from COVID-19

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Conservative MP for Beauce, Richard Lehoux, has tested positive for COVID-19.

Conservative Opposition Whip Blake Richards made the announcement in a statement late Saturday afternoon, stating that Mr. Lehoux was fully vaccinated.

Mr. Lehoux is showing only minor symptoms, the statement said.

“We have a duty to ourselves, to our communities and to everyone who works on Parliament Hill to take this situation seriously. Members of Parliament and their staff have been made aware of this situation and will follow all public health guidelines to handle this situation safely, ”said Blake Richards.

He added that the Conservative Party of Canada expects “Conservative MPs to adhere to all public health guidelines, including mask wear and social distancing. ”

At the last count of The Canadian Press, 36 Conservative MPs refused to say whether they were vaccinated or not. The Conservative leadership refuses to give the number of unvaccinated people. Thursday morning, the deputy Gérard Deltell said quite simply to ignore it. Its leader refused once again on Wednesday afternoon to say whether or not he knows this number.

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