Because of Kirl’s commercial: Margie cancels

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“We’re both more or less just you and I a little in a different genre”: The yes commercial featuring Noa Kirl was received very crookedly by ex-Margie and his executives, who decided to pull his hands out of interviews that were supposed to take place today (Sunday).

As you know, over the weekend the commercial starring Kiral came up that surprised the singer, in which she says, among other things, to someone who looks like a double of the ex: “We’re both more or less just you and I a little bit in a different genre. Whatever I choose, you are never satisfied. ” Margie’s associates did not like the advertisement, demanded that it be removed from the air and reportedly did not rule out the option of a lawsuit.

Today (Sunday) they are filming a new campaign for the Castro brand that Margie is one of its presenters alongside Shlomit Malka and Dorit Ravlis. The three presenters were supposed to be photographed and interviewed by the media, but a short time before filming began, the brand’s PR office issued a statement that in its managers’ decision, Margie would not be interviewed in the end, due to the advertising scandal he was banned from talking about.

In Yes prefer not to comment.

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