“Because of the state of the country, I don’t feel complete to upload the song”

“Because of the state of the country, I don’t feel complete to upload the song”

The great pop star of the time, Inbal Bibi, postpones the release of her new single “Black Butterflies” which was to be released tomorrow, Sunday at 10:00 am and was postponed due to the security situation. In a post she uploaded today (Saturday) to her Instagram account, she shared the decision with her followers.

“My beloveds, because of the state of the country, and the severe loss we are experiencing, as a people, I really do not feel at peace with uploading the song tomorrow, I decided to upload it on Monday,” shared the singer.

Following the two attacks that happened over the weekend, Bibi shared the difficult feelings of a choked throat and her decision: “It is more important for me to say that my pain is with the bereaved families, and I wish a speedy recovery for all the injured, and for us as a country to reach better times. Amen, with God’s help and me Love you”.

As I recall, Bibi revealed the release date of the single only two weeks ago, where she said that she wrote the song together with Yam Rafali and two young producers named Moon. She revealed the release of the song along with a particularly revealing confession about the loneliness she has felt all her life: “I know I am not the only one who has struggled in her life with a feeling of loneliness. Loneliness that penetrates the bones that makes decisions for me, that chooses friends for me, that eats me up and reminds me every day that I am not worthy to be happy and laugh simply.”


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