Because of the vaccines, rags fly between Walter Zenga and Cecchi Paone

Very bright clash between the former footballer Walter Zenga e Alessandro Cecchi Paone, that you host at “Live It’s not D’Urso”Not if they were sent to say so much to bring in Barbara D’Urso who threatened both to shut down the microphones. It all started when Zenga in connection from Dubai declared that he had been vaccinated in the Arab countries where he permanently resides with the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm currently not available in Italy. In addition to having told this detail, he explained how the vaccinations started on November 3 with that of the Sheikh work in the Arab country. “His vaccination started that of the entire population. Four vaccines are available here and everyone can choose at will. I chose Sinopharma (the Chinese vaccine ed) because it is the most available in this part of the world and because it is made with an inactivated virus a bit like the polio vaccine”.

Cecchi Paone was immediately skeptical about this choice, especially since the vaccine is not available in our country since, as confirmed by Professor Bassetti present in the study, it was not approved by the EMA. And it is precisely on this point that Cecchi Paone insists when Zenga shows the goodness of his choice. “Who tells you how many people died or got sick? You have to go through the EMA”He replies in a bright tone to Zenga. The response comes lightning-fast from the former footballer: “Cecchi Paone let’s be good, let’s not say nonsense please”. “Do not allow yourself because we are in a civilized place and there is the EMA who has to check“. Zenga does not accept the answer and indeed gets even more excited: “I allow myself because you talk but you have never even left Milan”.

Go see how the waiters treat the place”Alessandro replies. “But what are you saying you have never even left the Barona”, Zenga freezes it. By now the spirits have turned on and the two raise their tone until you reach the epilogue of Cecchi Paone. “Are you stupid or do you want me to sue you? Don’t talk about science and talk about football, ignorant hound“. And it is precisely at this moment that Barbara D’Urso is forced to intervene to calm the spirits and to lower the tone, but it is certain that it does not end there.


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