“Beelen Celebrates the Long Night of Pop: Featuring “Vitamin D” and “7 Mile” Bands on Stage”

“Beelen Celebrates the Long Night of Pop: Featuring “Vitamin D” and “7 Mile” Bands on Stage”

2023-05-30 17:26:00

On Wednesday, June 7th, it’s time again and for the fourth year in a row: Beelen is celebrating the long night of pop.

Beelen (gl) – From 8 p.m. the bands “Vitamin D” and “7 Mile” will be on the stage at Villers-Ecalles-Platz. The Pop Night in Beelen once again promises to be an unforgettable musical night.

The organizer, the company Ems Event from Harsewinkel, is pleased that the popular band “Vitamin D” will be back on stage.

With their unique selection of German-language rock and pop hits from the past decades, the musicians promise a thrilling performance. “Vitamin D” is more than just a cover band. Behind the name is a group of experienced German-speaking stage musicians who have come together to say after numerous interpretations of their favorite songs: “From now on only in German”.

Above all, this decision has to do with having fun. Not many cover bands go this route, because it means taking the “worn-out” mood guarantors out of the program and relying on the fact that there are other people “out there” who share their enthusiasm for the German-language repertoire. The members of “Vitamin D” are professional and semi-professional musicians who are sure that they can enthrall their audience.

Whether it’s foot, arm, mouth or vocal cord movement in the audience – “Vitamin D” from NRW takes care of that. The audience can look forward to “listening again” with the Fanta 4, Peter Fox, Falco, Glas Perlenspiel, Nena, Sarah Connor, Udo Lindenberg and Klaus Lage or Deichkind – to name just a few highlights from the three-hour stage program of “Vitamin D”. .

The up-and-coming band “7 Mile” from Münster will be there as a support band. “7 Mile” stands for love, desire and the desire to defy the whole world. Their frontman Jasper Wieczorek manifests these emotions in his lyrics and music.

The five guys from “7 Mile” offer an inimitable scream full of kitsch and outburst. Her music promises a mix of drama, anger and an insatiable desire to live life to the fullest. In short: the pop night in Beelen promises to be an evening full of hits, with good food and musical variety.

Admission is ten euros, so all music lovers should have the opportunity to take part in this event.

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