Beer Sheva: Six private vehicles were stolen from the same building

A crime spree in Be’er Sheva: six private vehicles were stolen from the same building. One of the residents, Tzachi Ohion, told this morning (Friday) about the unusual phenomenon and the police running out of hands

In recent months, six private vehicles were stolen from the same building in the new V. neighborhood in Beer Sheva. This morning at “Galit and Yoav” Tzachi Ohion told about his car being stolen, about the unusual phenomenon of thefts and the lack of trust in the police.

“We go downstairs to find out whether the car is here or not. The cameras in the parking lot are just for us. The policeman who came also saw and said, ‘Replace the barriers, it won’t help you.’ There are people. They just come skilled. After they know what they want, it’s literally a matter of a minute until the vehicle isn’t found,” Ohion explained.

“Six vehicles were stolen from the same building, you feel the emptiness” | Photo: Galit and Yoav, Keshet 12

The residents of the building filed a complaint with the police but to no avail. “Some have filed a complaint and some have not. People don’t believe it. They don’t have the strength for this headache, they know it’s not worth it.”

Everything is recorded, you do 80 percent of the police work with the security cameras.
“True, no one dared to come to us and take the videos or be interested. On the contrary, when we sent the videos from one of the neighbors whose car was stolen, the policeman started to exhaust him and asked him to convert the video file to another format.”

Have you tried contacting the mayor?
“We tried on social media and things like that. We share the events in posts but no one contacted us.”

Police response: Contrary to what was claimed, there had been two previous cases of car theft. Thanks to the determination of the police officers and a professional and thorough investigation, several suspects were arrested and at the end of their investigation, 29 indictments were filed for car thefts in Be’er Sheva.


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