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In the ÖVP chat scandal, the human rights organization SOS Mitmensch accuses pollster Beinschab of manipulating further surveys.

In connection with the chat scandals surrounding the ÖVP and former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, one name comes up particularly often: Sabine Beinschab. She is the founder of the market research institute Research Affairs and is said to have done surveys for the ÖVP, which then appeared in the daily newspaper “Österreich”. The whole thing was presumably also billed via tax money. According to the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (WKStA), she is said to have issued bogus invoices for this.

Polls fudged, chats deleted

She was arrested last week on charges of infidelity as a party and bribery as a party. The arrest was made because of the risk of blackout: She is said to have erased the hard drive of her computer shortly before the house search. Most recently, the leg scandal accused in the advertising scandals is said to have deleted various messages on her cell phone. This is evident from the order for her arrest.

Conversations with the accused pollster Sophie Karmasin and the Fellner brothers are said to be affected by this. Leg scrape was last released.

Further surveys “false & manipulative”

But apparently the Beinschab Institute should not only have done these surveys. According to a broadcast by the human rights organization SOS Mitmensch, a survey published in June according to which a majority would reject the SPÖ proposals to automatically grant Austrian citizenship to children born here, “false and manipulative” be.

The results of the integration barometer published on Tuesday clearly show that the majority of Austrian citizens are in favor of the SPÖ proposal. According to that should Children born here are automatically granted Austrian citizenshipif their parents have been living here legally for years.

The survey thus clearly contradicts the survey published by the Beinschab Institute in June. According to the results of that survey, the majority was against the SPÖ proposal.

According to SOS Mitmensch, the integration barometer results expose the leg scrape survey as “manipulative and false”.

The spokesman for the human rights organization Alexander Pollak is horrified: Although it is only one component in the poll scandal surrounding Beinschab, but:

“It is shocking to see how hard their institute has tried to manipulate public opinion on important issues,” said Pollak.

One current integration barometer survey by pollster Peter Hajek shows: 48 percent of those questioned are in favor of the SPÖ proposal automatic citizenship for children born here if at least one parent has been legally resident in the country for at least 5 years. Only 44 percent are against it.

In the case of leg scraping 63%, on the other hand

The results of the Leg scraping survey however, painted a different picture. Here it was 63 percent of respondents who accepted the SPÖ’s citizenship proposals decline would.

“Beinschab shortened and misleadingly queried the SPÖ proposals and thus massively distorted the results of the survey.”

From this, Pollak concludes: “This should probably mean the citizenship proposal, the was not in line with the Kurz-ÖVP, be nipped in the bud. ”

He hoped that the poll scandal would have a cleansing effect and that serious politics would become possible again, also with regard to the citizenship issue, Pollak concluded.

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