Belarra announces an initiative to persecute Desokupa with up to four years in prison

Belarra announces an initiative to persecute Desokupa with up to four years in prison

2023-05-17 19:39:01

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United We can present a bill to punish people or companies that charge for “harassing” and “harassing” squatters

Ione Belarra, in a recent act in BaCATI CLADERAEFE

We can challenge companies like Vacate and proposes a legal reform to punish its members with up to four years in prison. The general secretary of Podemos and Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, announced this Wednesday the presentation by Unidas Podemos of a law in the Congress to change the penal code with the aim of expressly persecuting people and companies that, motivated by the profit motive, “harass, harass, discriminate or intimidate people in vulnerable situations”.

The initiative, which will be registered tomorrow in the Chamber, was presented by Belarra during a campaign event in Alicante in support of the United Podemos candidates for the Valencian Community, Hctor Illuecaand to the Mayor of the city, Manolo Cop.

Sources from Podemos explain that the bill proposes changes to the Penal Code to accommodate a criminal reproach for those who “do business against people in vulnerable situations” and point out that the way to do it is to combine “elements of the crime of coercion and the crime of coercion”. of hate”.

“Companies like Desokupa are a serious democratic problem, they are the seed of a vigilante command and we are not going to allow people to profit by spreading hatred to the vulnerable and aporophobia,” warned Belarra, during his speech. “We are going to register a law to persecute those riffraff who profit by persecuting the vulnerable,” she concluded.

Fuentes purple They later explained that the initiative to modify the articles 510, 510 bis and 515 of the Penal Code to introduce as punishment a fine of six to 12 months and prison from one to four years “to those who, for profit and for the achievement of their purposes, promote, incite, encourage or directly or indirectly carry out acts of harassment, discrimination, bullying, violence or intimidation against people who are in a situation of economic or social vulnerability, even when said action turns out to be a mere means for the achievement of its ends”.

Likewise, the initiative establishes the dissolution of legal persons (companies) responsible for these new crimes and their access to the Internet will be blocked.

The proposal also proposes a tailor-made suit to pursue Desokupa by all means. Consider that profit-making companies that “encourage, promote or indirectly incite or hate, hostility, discrimination or violence” against people in “a situation of economic or social vulnerability” will be considered illegal associations. This being the way for which they could be legally persecuted and for which the corresponding penalties are imposed on its members.

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