Belousov instructed to evaluate the financing of the low-carbon development plan in the Russian Federation

First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Andrey Belousov instructed the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economic Development to evaluate budgetary and extrabudgetary funding for the implementation of the low-carbon development strategy for Russia, approved until 2050. This was reported in the secretariat of Andrey Belousov following a meeting with the business community on the strategy implementation plan, TASS reports.

The meeting took place on 11 February. Its participants discussed the plan for the implementation of the strategy for the socio-economic development of the Russian Federation with low greenhouse gas emissions until 2050, prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development in conjunction with industry departments, the presidential administration, leading Russian companies and experts.

As noted in the secretariat, the measures laid down in the sectoral sections for the transition to low-carbon development make it possible to guarantee economic growth while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Mr. Belousov instructed to finalize the plan for the implementation of the low-carbon strategy presented at the meeting within two weeks. He also instructed the leaders of the working groups to hold meetings with business and the expert community. In addition, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Finance was ordered to evaluate the budgetary and extrabudgetary funding necessary for the implementation of the strategy implementation plan.

As a result of the meeting, Belousov proposed to decide which way Russia needs to go in the issue of transboundary carbon regulation. He proposed two options in this matter – to introduce the turnover of quotas for emissions or tax regulation of greenhouse emissions.

According to the strategy, it is assumed that by 2050 greenhouse emissions in Russia will be reduced by 60% from the 2019 level and by 80% from the 1990 level.

Read more about the plan for implementing the low-carbon strategy of the Russian Federation in the Kommersant article “Ten years with the same exhaust”.


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