Below expectations: inflation 8.5% in the last year in the US, contracts are soaring

In light of the drop in the price of oil and the price per gallon that already reaches 4 dollars, the growth of the consumer price index in the US was reset and stood at 0% in July, below the expectation of an increase of 0.2%. In an annual perspective, this is an inflation rate of 8.5%, below the expectation which was 8.7% in the US. The monthly core index (excluding energy and food) rose by 0.3%, below the expectation of 0.5%, this is an annual rate of 5.9%, compared to an expectation of 6.1%.

In the categories, in the last 12 months, gasoline in the US jumped 75.6%, electricity rose 15.2%, food at home jumped 13.1%, new cars by 10%, transportation by 9.2%, eating out by -7.6%, used vehicles by 6.6% and health products by 5.1%. Gasoline decreased by 7% month-on-month.

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