Beluga in the Seine: the deceased animal was renamed “Lily” by Internet users

“Light” in Norwegian. As spotted by BFMTV, the beluga, observed for several days in the Seine before being euthanized on Wednesday, has been renamed “Lily” by Sea Shepherd. The animal and environmental protection NGO worked to try to save the animal, stranded for almost a week in waters where it does not usually go. Despite the efforts and an exceptional rescue mission, the animal had to be euthanized following a deterioration in its condition, before being autopsied in stride.

The name “Lys” was proposed on Friday by the NGO on social networks and put to a vote. It received 21,283 votes for and 826 votes against. But this name has other meanings such as “the unity of all those who mobilized to come to his aid, the unity of our destiny, that of the people and of the seas. Finally, the white lily symbolizes purity and innocence,” Sea Shepherd wrote on Twitter.

“Let this beluga challenge us”

Give it a name to mark the spirits. This is the will of the NGO. In a press release, the association hopes that the fate of this beluga “challenges us and enlightens us on the fate of the ocean”, before adding in a second tweet: “Hoping that its tragic story, the mobilization and the enthusiasm that it has aroused allow the greatest number of people to take a greater interest in the fate of belugas, cetaceans and the ocean. »


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