Ben Gvir addressed Gantz: “I would like to visit the Givat fighter in the military prison – I do not see anything wrong with his conduct”

The designated minister for national security, the chairman of Otzma Yehudit, MK Itamar Ben Gabir, turned to Defense Minister Benny Gantz and asked to meet with an IDF fighter who was sent to 10 days of handcuffs in prison, after he was recorded saying “Ben Gabir is going to make order”, this after provocations of anarchists in Hebron.

Ben Gvir wrote to Gantz: “I don’t see anything wrong with the soldier’s behavior towards the oppressors and I regret the disproportionate punishment directed at him.” And he added: “I would like to visit the soldier in the military prison tomorrow and encourage his spirit.”

Gantz will have to discuss the request of MK Ben Gabir who supported the fighter’s family and demanded that the Chief of Staff and the entire command think twice about this punishment: “It cannot be that anarchists come, curse, spit, attack our heroic soldiers.

Fighters react, you can certainly take them to the side and tell them “a more proportionate response, less proportionate”, but send them to prison for ten days? It’s unlikely, it’s disproportionate, it’s not true, it’s not seen. Our job is to support our fighters, to support our soldiers and I demand from the army, think twice about this punishment. This is a very bad message.”


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