Ben Gvir attacks: “Lapid and Gantz may lead to an intifada”

Bentzi Robin, knitted news09.12.22 15:08 Tuesday in Kislo Tishpag

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MK Itamar Ben Gabir, who is designated for the position of Minister of National Security, responds to the attacks against him and warns Prime Minister Lapid and Ministers Gantz and Bar Lev that their words could lead us to an intifada.

In a video he published before the start of Shabbat, Ben Gabir called on Prime Minister Lapid and Ministers Gantz and Bar Lev to stop lighting fires as he defined it: “You may, God forbid, bring about an intifada, it’s with your voice, it’s in your hands, it’s your responsibility.”

The designated minister Ben Gvir added: “It is permissible for there to be a dispute. I think from those who think that the minister is the one who should dictate the policy, I entered the stretcher and I want to enter a very difficult office, in order to restore security to the citizens of Israel, however, together with all these, the dispute should be on its way Legitimately and not in the way of agitation and rebellion.”

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