Ben Gvir holds a minute of silence in the Knesset plenum in memory of those killed in the attack – Mansour Abbas stays for Shabbat | Watch

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During his speech in the Knesset, MK Ben Gvir said that today he asked the participants in the far-left conference on “settler violence” to stand for a minute of silence in memory of Eliyahu David Kay the 14th, but they refused. In light of this, Ben Gvir asked the Knesset members to observe a minute of silence in Kay’s memory, and all the Knesset members who were in the plenum also included the Minister of Regional Cooperation, Issawi Farage. All stood except the one who chaired the plenum, MK Mansour Abbas who remained seated in his chair.

After a minute of silence, Ben Gvir turned to Abbas and told him that he should be ashamed that he did not honor the memory of Kay Hayd who was murdered only yesterday. Mansour Abbas replied: “I allowed you to do so even though it is against the rules.”

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