Benfica-PSG: “Messi, we haven’t seen him” … on the eve of the match, the frustration of Parisian supporters in Lisbon

” A desaster ! This Portuguese supporter of PSG finds his companion after the jostling created by the arrival of the Parisians, this Tuesday, October 4, at 7:15 p.m. local (8:15 p.m. French), in front of the hotel in downtown Lisbon where they will stay at the eve of their Champions League game against Benfica.

They were more than a hundred to wait for several hours, for some behind the barrier set up in front of the establishment. Police and security guards were constantly agitating to better anticipate the safety of the players. Fans had planned Argentinian jerseys to have Messi signed there, others panels to the glory of the Parisian number 30. Some had taken out their correspondence notebook from the Lycée français hoping for an autograph from one of the stars.

Crowds of fans often present to welcome the Parisians

But the players’ bus, which had traveled empty from Paris to pick them up when they got off the plane on Tuesday evening, pulled up close to the wall of the hotel. And the Parisians rushed through the service door of the establishment, without exposing themselves to the eyes of the fans who were trying to see them by all means.

This is not the first time that PSG has been welcomed by a crowd of supporters. In Japan, during the summer tour, there were even several hundred of them. “The PSG workforce is made up of world-class players, with great exposure, explained Christophe Galtier before the recent trip to Lyon. There is a lot of security around our team. Everywhere we go, there is a big reception committee in the hotels, the airports. And, as a result, there we are really obliged to protect the group. Players are in high demand. There are really a lot of people, people who want a photo, an autograph, a smile, a handshake…”

While some were still trying their luck by rushing to the bay windows of the hotel hoping to see Messi there, two French high school girls immersed themselves in the videos of their smartphones. Louise and Paloma, 16, from Lycée Français, were more cunning than most of the other supporters. Came in scouting at midday and on the advice of security guards, they had positioned themselves on the side and they were therefore able to see the players cross the meter between the exit of the bus and the entrance to the hotel. Bonus: they were entitled to “a little sign” from Mbappé and Marquinhos.

“But Neymar no”, slips Louise. And Messi? “Messi, we haven’t seen him”. It will be postponed. The young supporter managed to get a place for the game. Accustomed to the Park when she lived in Paris four years ago, she will discover the Messi-Neymar-Mbappé trio. ” I look forward ! “, she says.


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