Bennett: “We are in uncertainty, we want to keep Israel open”

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Towards further restrictions? Following the panic of the new variant, “Omicron”, which has so far been discovered among individuals in the country, the Corona Cabinet convened tonight (Saturday) to discuss the next steps, in order to try to prevent its spread.

At the beginning of the meeting, the prime minister said Naftali Bennett “We are currently in a space of uncertainty, it is not a simple and uncomfortable space to be in. I defined it earlier today as the ‘fog period.’ The key here is caution, and minimal risk, until we learn more. We want to maintain “The State of Israel in the Delta – Israel is open and functioning, with a functioning economy, and an active education system, when the children go to school. This is the top priority.”

“We will need close supervision of the state’s borders. Every day we will learn more and know more. We are currently ahead of the world in gathering information, and also in making quick decisions. The recommendations we will bring tonight are recommendations of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health and the Ministry of Health. All of us, and that is very important for the public’s trust, “he added.

“The indications are that the vaccine prevents serious illness and the booster is very significant for protection against a serious illness. That is, even if you become infected, the booster protects you and you from a serious illness. Hanukkah, so that the children can go out and celebrate safely, take them to get vaccinated. “

In accordance with the decision of the government and following the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, Fifty countries in the African continent were classified as red as listed: Angola, Uganda, Seychelles, Eritrea, Aswatini, Botswana, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Benin, Ghana, Gabon, Djibouti, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia, South Africa, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo (Congo Brazzaville), Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ivory Coast, Togo, Tanzania, Cape Verde, Liberia, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mali, Madagascar, Mozambique, Malawi, Lesotho, Nigeria, Nigeria, Nigeria Sao Tome and Principe, Somalia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Saint Helena, Chad, Comoros, Kenya, Cameroon, Reunion and Rwanda. We emphasize that there is a ban on leaving Israel for red countries, with the exception of exceptions and with the approval of a committee headed by the Ministry of the Interior. All returnees from a red state, including vaccinated and recovering must be in complete isolation.

Brigadier General Reli Margalit on the activity in front of the “Omicron” variant. Photo: Avshalom Shashoni

Tomorrow, the committee will discuss restrictions on leaving Israel and the obligation to isolate hotels following the variant. For according to the declarations, Those entering Israel from South Africa, Botswana, Malawi and Ethiopia will be required to stay in solitary confinement instead of solitary confinement on behalf of the state..

This obligation will apply to those entering Israel from those countries, until a negative result is obtained in the PCR test he will perform upon entering Israel, provided that he declares that he will hold the rest of the isolation period instead of isolation where no one lives or stays. For those who received a positive result, until a recovery certificate is received. The obligation to stay in a place of isolation on behalf of the state as aforesaid will apply to anyone who enters Israel from the date of publication of the declaration until 5 December.

In addition, the countries of North, Central, East and West Africa, it was proposed that the exit from Israel be restricted, that foreigners be banned from entering, andAll circulars will be required for full isolation, including vaccinated and recovering, with increased isolation enforcement including stay in isolation on behalf of the state.

The Ministry of Health updated earlier tonight that 517 corona patients have been diagnosed during the last day, and the percentage of positive subjects stands at 0.66%. The number of patients with a serious condition is 125, of whom 82 are in critical condition. It was also reported that four million people received the third dose of the vaccine, and that the death toll stands at 8,128.


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