In the end, the big question is how they will remember you, and Prime Minister Naftali Bennett understood that too. On the last day of his coalition, three hours before the bombing of the Knesset, Bennett sat down with a number of journalists in his office in Jerusalem and lectured them on his foreign and security policy, from the flag parade to the Iranian nuclear deal, why he was right and Netanyahu wrong. After a long conversation and handshakes that turned out to be a farewell handshake, Bennett announced he was going to the election.

Bennett sends my friends right home

Bennett reminded me of that acquaintance who realized that by tonight the company would part with him, so he hurriedly dumped her in a WhatsApp message, he preferred to fire himself, rather than let a junior MK like Zoabi or ex-partner Auerbach send him home. The decision could be even more dramatic, As I posted here hours after Bennett’s dramatic decision there is a consultation with senior officials whether to retire from political life, a decision that will determine the fate of his party members, the same people who gave him everything.

The future of the right is a lot in the fog, if Bennett stays, she will run in the current composition except for Orbach who felt that the party ran away from him and broke too central with relying on the common, if Bennett retires he wants to bequeath the right to Kahana, a decision A political novice can lead and not Ayelet Shaked. Either way, coalition officials tell me over the weekend that if Bennett along with Shaked did not pass the blocking percentage in 2019, why would he pass now? Bennett’s high jump could send him and his other friends home in a fall that is too painful.

An alternative government is far from reality

By all indications the Knesset is going to the polls and on Sunday Bennett will chair the cabinet meeting for the last time, but the road to the election is paved with good intentions and fine spins. There are two types of people trying to broadcast that their goal is an alternative government, Ayelet Shaked and Nir Orbach that if not in this Knesset it is doubtful that they will return to politics soon and the ultra-Orthodox Knesset members who want to tell voters the day after the election (if Netanyahu fails in the 61st). But those who want to form a government do not meet with Bnei Gantz in the Knesset and in front of the cameras, so everything seems to be part of an addictive game on the way to the polls.

Even the estimates that Netanyahu is willing to give Saar or Ganz a first year as prime minister sound excessive to me, Netanyahu smells elections, these proposals are of the past year, now he will throw the dice, if he fails, he may offer to Ganz, but what has he got to lose. A senior official involved in negotiations to form an alternative government admitted to me today that the chances are slim, but in politics, and especially when the danger of dismissal is over the heads of ministers, anything can happen.

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