BeReal will add new payment functions to not show advertising to users

BeReal does not want to become any of the applications owned by Mark Zuckerberg or in TikTok. The application, which seeks to make the user appear naturally, only allows uploading one photo per day and does not allow the use of filters, is working on the arrival of new payment features as a mechanism to stay afloat without entering the business advertising.

Created in 2020 by French developers, the tool has been extremely successful in 2022. So much so that, it is estimated, by now it has more than 20 million monthly unique users and over 100 million total app downloads.

The increase in the number of Internet users who almost daily use the application to share the photo on duty has caused the tool to have to look for new sources of income that guarantee that all users can use the tool without problems, according to reports ‘ The Financial Times’.

At the moment, it is unknown what the new payment features that the tool will add will be. Be that as it may, the increase in the number of users experienced in recent months has motivated large social networks, which are still far from BeReal in terms of unique users, to have become interested in the ‘app’ and its operation.

That is the case, for example, of TikTok, a platform that last week announced the arrival of Now, a new functionality that replicates BeReal by asking the user to upload a photo or video at a random time of day.. Instagramfor its part, has also shared that it is working on the arrival of a tool of this type.


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