Berlin police declare “pandemic level one”.

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Berlin – The Berlin police initiated “Pandemic Level I” on Monday. In doing so, she reacted to the increased number of infections and quarantines within the authority. On Monday, 796 of around 26,000 employees at the agency with around 18,000 law enforcement officers were affected – they are either infected or in quarantine. In addition, the police set up a crisis management team again.

As early as 2010, the police had drawn up a “pandemic framework plan” to maintain the work of the police. The plan regulates graduated measures. Infection scenarios and a corresponding stage model were developed using models from the World Health Organization and the Robert Koch Institute:

Pandemic level I – sickness-related absence of 15 to 30 percent of the staff

Pandemic level II – sickness-related absence of 30 to 50 percent of the staff

Pandemic level III – sickness-related absence of more than 50 percent of the staff

All illnesses, i.e. not just corona cases, are included in the sick leave.

Steps of internal prevention, containment, staff compensation, maintenance of core tasks are based on the respective pandemic level. The police said that the effects on the people of Berlin were not noticeable. Rather, it is about protecting employees and bundling measures and information.

Berlin police stop training or reduce it

The newly established crisis management team at the police chief bundles all health, organizational and logistical issues of the authority related to the pandemic and takes all necessary measures. Among other things, information channels should be shortened.

If, for example, there are major absences due to illness in a police section, the staffing should be made up within the locally responsible department. The same should happen in the departments of the State Criminal Police Office. In addition, further training measures are now being reduced or discontinued.

Police chief Barbara Slowik said it was very important to her to take the next step in the precautionary approach to the infection situation at an early stage.

“The pandemic does not stop at Berlin’s police either,” said Norbert Cioma, head of the police union. “Our sick leave has already risen to more than ten percent in recent years due to the constantly growing burden. The currently almost 800 corona-related absences are now being added. The President’s declaration of pandemic level 1 is correct and a necessary step so that the capital’s police remain able to act.”


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