Berlin, Russian diplomat dead. The German 007: “He was a spy” –

The body of the Russian diplomat was found in front of the Moscow embassy in Berlin. There are nine mysterious deaths of Kremlin diplomats around the world

It risks becoming a yellow – according to the most classic of scripts – the discovery of the corpse of a Russian diplomat right inside the Moscow embassy in Berlin.

According to German sources, the victim would belong to the secret services
while the authorities of Kremlin they dismissed what happened as a accidental fact and they did not perform an autopsy. The death dates back to October 19, but the news was revealed today by the weekly Spiegel.

The body, according to the journalistic reconstruction, was found on the driveway of the Russian embassy.

The victim was 35 years old and was officially accredited in Germany as the second embassy secretary and was on his way in the German capital since 2019.

To reveal their true identity and role are the 007 Germans, according to which the dead man was himself a secret agent of the FSB. According to the Bellingcat website, he was the son of a prominent member of the Russian intelligence services.

The man would have died by falling from a high floor of the embassy complex, and according to German security sources the reasons for the fall and death are unknown.

This new death lengthens the list of mysteries linked to the death of Russian diplomats. In 2017, Kremlin Ambassador to Sudan Mirgayas Shirinskiy, 63, was found dead in the swimming pool of his residence in Karthum. The foreign ministry then spoke of a clear heart attack. The cause of his death was also considered natural because Shirinskiy suffered from high blood pressure, but before him seven other ambassadors and senior officials in the world they had died, in just two years, under mysterious circumstances.

The best known case is that of the ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, died of a heart attack in February 2017 in New York. The results of the autopsy on his body were never disclosed. Roman Skrynikov, former ambassador to Kazakhstan, also died in December 2016 of an apparent heart attack.

In recent years they are therefore 9 the mysterious deaths of Moscow diplomats.

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