Berlin should get “as many speed cameras as possible”

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Berlin should get more video surveillance. The SPD, the Greens and the Left Party have agreed on this in their coalition negotiations. This enabled the SPD to assert itself with its demands against the Greens and the left. Three years ago there was still a dispute within the red-red-green coalition. Now, as demanded by SPD Interior Senator Andreas Geisel, places with a particularly high level of crime are to be monitored with video cameras.

It is about event-related and temporary measures in a few places, said SPD chairwoman Franziska Giffey on Thursday. She named the Kottbusser Tor in Kreuzberg as an example. After six months at the latest, a check should be carried out to determine whether the cameras have been of any use. Your further commitment at the place then depends on it.

The police should decide where there is surveillance. In order to protect the privacy of residents, house entrances would have to be left outside, added the Green parliamentary leader Bettina Jarasch. In order to create the legal framework for video surveillance, the General Security and Order Act is to be changed. According to surveys, a majority of citizens are in favor of video surveillance in public places. A citizens’ initiative collected around 25,000 signatures for this in the last legislative period.

The money should be taken away from criminals

The three coalition partners also want to take stronger action against organized crime. This includes the establishment of a public prosecutor specializing in combating white-collar crime and a stronger prevention of money laundering and asset recovery from criminals.

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Razors are also raging, for which the SPD, the Greens and the Left want to massively upgrade the speed cameras. According to Giffey, up to 60 new speed measuring devices are planned. According to Jarasch, as many speed cameras as possible should be installed all over the city and the penalty area should be strengthened. The costs would be recovered quickly, she said. The Senate currently has 33 stationary, 21 mobile speed cameras and four speed camera trailers. The coalition is planning more controls by the police and public order offices in road traffic. They want to triple the number of bicycle lanes.

The new coalition also wants to set up a parliamentary committee of inquiry in the House of Representatives for the right-wing extremist series of attacks in Neukölln. He should work up the errors in the police investigation. Such a committee is an important contribution to restore trust in the security authorities, especially in parts of the migrant population, said the left-wing chairwoman Katina Schubert on Thursday.

The police attribute more than 70 acts between June 2016 and March 2019 to the series of attacks, including at least 14 arson and 35 property damage. The victims were people who campaigned against right-wing extremism. Two special investigators appointed by the Senate found in May that the police and prosecutors had made mistakes in the investigation. Communication with the victims of the attacks was also not optimal. (with dpa)


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