Berlin: Three police officers injured in chase, Raser escapes | Regional

Berlin – On Friday morning at around 2.30 a.m., police officers wanted to check a BMW driver in Berlin-Reinickendorf – but he gave full throttle! He escaped over sidewalks and through a green area.

According to BILD information, the driver is a man known to the police!

At the corner of Seidelstrasse and Bernauer Strasse, a police vehicle came off the street and landed in a wall. Three officers were injured – two police officers suffered minor injuries and one officer suffered serious injuries, as BILD learned on request.

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The driver continued his escape journey and rammed a pedestrian light at the corner of Bernauer Strasse and Kamener Weg – this crash, too, could not stop the driver.

The traffic light was mowed – luckily at that time nobody was standing there waiting

Photo: spreepicture

The traffic hooligan drove to a residential area on Neheimer Strasse and sped from there in the direction of Bottroper Weg.

There the journey ended between a tree and a barrier.

Teaser picture

Here the wild hunt through Berlin ended

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The driver initially fled on foot. On Friday morning he was not yet composed. Since, according to the police, he is known, it should only be a matter of time …

The traffic investigation service started its work at the accident sites. The BMW was secured, DNA traces were secured.



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