Bernardeschi’s wedding, Sarah Nile breaks with Ciardi: “Disappear forever”

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Bernardeschi’s wedding: Veronica Ciardi, the footballer’s future wife, forgets to invite Sarah Nile to the wedding. The soubrette officially breaks the friendship on Instagram

Federico Bernardeschi after the victory of the 2020 Europeans is married to Veronica Ciardi but not too unexpectedly the marriage was troubled by a storm amplified by social networks. The future wife of the Juventus midfielder forgot to send Sarah Nile, his friend since Big Brother 10, and the former Playboy bunny did not fail to point out the thing on Instagram with some irritation. Sarah Nile and Veronica Ciardi caused a certain sensation for a sapphic kiss on live TV during the reality show that hinted that beyond the friendship it could have been a more intimate relationship between the two.

Bernardeschi’s wedding, Sarah Nile not invited by Veronica Ciardi: “Free gesture, get out of my life forever”

“Many of you are asking me publicly and privately why I am not taking part in Veronica’s wedding today. – writes Sarah Nile in her Stories – With extreme humility and with extreme truth I feel to tell you that I do not know the reason. need today to have to put a point. Too many times I have been silent, too many times I have sketched and in respect of those who have always followed and loved me “.

In the end Sarah Nile formalizes the break in friendship with Veronica Ciardi: “I think it is right to say a few words, especially for all those people who continue to ask, to want to understand. In these 11 years there have been many ups and downs, held together by a thread that until now – at least on my part – had never broken. She is and will remain a special person to me but we have two ways of living, of thinking, of doing completely opposite. I have always protected, I have always tempted to understand, I have always overlooked, I have always respected … Today there is me, my family and my well-being which are the most important things. I would like only beautiful things and avoid unnecessary sorrows. For all this, I put a point and I stop here “.

“This time I will not go away in silence. – increases the dose Sarah Nile – This time there will be no reason in the world that will make me come back. This time it is different, it is forever. I have never understood you and you will remain a mystery to me , I just know that every time I get close to you I am hurt and disappointed. I told my family, my husband that you were getting married today and I felt a lot of embarrassment and sadness in having to say also that you didn’t want me there with you, with everyone. I am transparent, I am light, you are darkness and lies. I ask you with my heart to disappear forever from my life because you only cause free pain. – he concludes – I wish you a good life “.


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