Berrettini, Sinner, Musetti at Roland Garros. The record of the three Italians in the second round of a Grand Slam is a watershed-

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Thank God tomorrow Monday. And the program of the round of 16 at Roland Garros will be the equivalent oftriumphal arch for an entire movement.

Djokovic-Musetti, Nadal-Sinner, Federer-Berrettini. The three greatest players ever against the three strongest Italian players, two of whom are still waiting to turn twenty.

The last time three of our players had come so far, it was the year 1962, tennis was not yet in the open era. Just remember how we were a short time ago. And to make a comparison with the present, which every week reserves us some local enterprise. This is for a Grand Slam, one of the four tournaments where the history of tennis is written, even the one that will come, with the eyes of fans from all over the world. And in fact it wasn’t just us Italians, on field 7.

When at the beginning of the third set he took stock of the tournament with a vole behind his back, the queue of people waiting to enter it already cut right through the main avenue of Roland Garros. Because beauty has no passport. Of course, he still goes in waves, every now and then he goes down and plays a few bad games in a row, the only clue of his nineteen years. But how wonderful, Lorenzo Musetti. Which, however, does not lack the belief in their own means: I believe that Jannik Sinner and I will be the future of Italian tennis, and tennis in general.

There are matches that act as a watershed, marking a before and an after. Not that we only knew him, but now the boy from Carrara, who at his first appearance in a Grand Slam, reaches the round of 16, enters for all fans in the small circle made up of those players for whom it is worth paying the ticket. For the imagination, for the way he touches the ball, alternating strokes with lashes, for the naturalness with which he generates a tennis of remarkable aesthetic quality. However, it takes two to play the best game so far seen in Paris. And Cecchinato also put a lot of his own into it, proving an abundance that has no equal in the history of our tennis.. The twenty-nine-year-old Sicilian, who after so much trouble entrusted himself to coach Massimo Sartori, regaining form and conviction, was fatal nervous for three unused break points at the beginning of the fifth set, when he had the inertia of the match in hand.

Musetti a fioretto who strikes in many different ways by bleeding the opponent.

Last is Matteo Berrettini, and it seems to be destiny. The 25-year-old Roman, for almost three years on a permanent basis among the top ten in the world, it is often taken for granted, due to a curious side effect of the emphasis placed on the two younger compatriots. Instead also a potential champion, who since yesterday becomes the first Italian ever to have reached the round of 16 in all four Grand Slams. He faced an opponent of little name and great solidity, the Korean Soon-woo Kwon. He suffered for a set and a half, tenaciously resisting the assaults on his backhand, the weak side. Then he took off, thanks to the devastating serve and forehand that do not grant opponents the license to shorten the exchange. Not even on earth, the surface that is least suited to him. And against the Swiss king, Berrettini does not start out as an underdog. Times are changing. Especially for us.

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