Best 2022 YouTube Channels Everyone Loves and Why!

Best 2022 YouTube Channels Everyone Loves and Why!

Every type of YouTube channel, social media account, and influencer has something special that they bring to the table. They are each unique, and many of the different people in the top ranks have different niches that they perform in. 

What is it that makes them so special? Most of them have worked hard to earn their way to the top. They’ve built a following. Some of them fell into influencer status with hard work and consistency, while others had something go viral and built from there. 

It’s an art, and they are the artists. Check out these best 2022 YouTube channels that everyone loves, and why you might love them too. 


PewDiePie has been in the top ranks for the gaming community for quite some time, and he isn’t letting up anytime soon. He long ago exceeded more than 111 million subscribers and continues to be not only the top gamer on YT, but also the most subscribed to creator on the platform as well. 

PewDiePie is known for his gaming, but he does some other fun stuff too. He seems to be posting less than usual these days, but continues to be consistent and inspiring to his community. You might find videos with his latest gaming experience, but you might also find fun videos about memes or even his own comedy sketches too. 

PewDiePie didn’t make it to the top overnight. It took some time to build up to the amount of likes he has and even buy YouTube likes for cheap to get started, but this is not necessary for him anymore. 

He has been working his channel since 2010 and finally made it to #1 in 2022, where he still holds strong. 


MrBeast gives PewDiePie a run for his money with more than 90 million subscribers. His channel is incredibly unique, and he is known for some crazy challenges and activities. These very challenges are what have driven him to the top 10 most followed channels on YouTube. 

He is an entertainer through and through. When he issues a new challenge, that video often goes viral in no time. It’s a thrilling adventure and he gets the attention he is seeking. All of his videos are exciting and pull people in. 

Jimmy McDonald does more than just do random activities and challenges though. He will also choose charities to give back to and then issue challenges to give money away to those charities. He has been known for promising large sums of money and giving the chosen charity a limited time (like 1 minute) to use those funds. 

Some of his challenges can be a bit scary, while others are built to entertain. He has even had challenges like consuming the largest slice of pizza in the world. He always puts on a good show. 

Like Nastya

If you’re looking for something that kids can relate to, Nastya is a good choice. Her whole family has a variety of channels, but this particular channel is Nastya’s vlog, where she talks about toys, games, trips, and more. 

She is sweet and entertaining, sharing her truthful feedback of several different things with her fans. She has more than 90 million subscribers on this channel alone, so she must be doing something right. 

Kids can relate to her and she is a lot of fun to watch. Let’s be honest, she likely draws in the parents too as she talks about family games and trips that might just pique your interest. 


If you like to cook or just watch yummy food be made, Tasty is a cooking channel. They take some really awesome recipes and break it down to make it simple for even the most kitchen-challenged people to be successful. 

Tasty always makes really awesome dishes, with a huge variety of different items. They make it look really easy, so you can turn around and recreate the dish without a hitch. This channel has about 20 million subscribers and is one of the top culinary or food-based channels. 

People love it because the recipes are made simple and the videos are short and sweet. 

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is yet again all about the entertainment factor. It’s a group of friends from Texas that come together and have a laughable good time. They are always up to some sort of shenanigans. This approach has steadily brought them to more than 50 million followers on YT. 

Everybody loves these guys because they are always changing it up and always give their viewers a good laugh or two as well. They do tons of tricks but also make some sports-related videos. 

You will never watch a video that won’t have you laughing it up. It’s the entertainment and variety for these guys that people love. 


This is one interesting science channel. People flock to it for the educational content but also for the animation and graphics that Phillip Detmer uses when creating the videos. It’s all about science-backed education and it’s a lot of fun to watch. 

These animated videos are almost psychedelic, and the artistic nature alone will draw you in. The channel talks about a ton of different science-related topics, breaking down really challenging subjects into something interesting that the average person can follow. 


For our last choice, we share Whinderssonnunes with you. Whindersson is from Brazil and is very popular in his country, as well as around the world. He makes a ton of music parodies that are entertaining and people love his creativity and his humor. 

Music parodies are the top of his niche but he also does a lot of comedy and movie reviews too. When you watch any of his stuff, he will keep you laughing and make you want to see more. It’s easy to get lost in his videos because they are entertaining and lighthearted. 

People love his talent but there are many different elements of his channel that could attract someone to want to subscribe or keep watching more. He has also managed to build up his Instagram following too. 


It’s clear that each of these top YouTube channels that everyone loves is very different. But the one thing that they all have in common is they are simply themselves. Whether the channel is building on humor, talent, knowledge, or artistic creativity, they always bring something authentic to the table. 

If you ever consider building your own YouTube channel, this is the most valuable piece of information you can use to help you build your way to success. 



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