best gold saving scheme’s, rising gold price.. is it the right time to invest in gold? – Gold rates are in peak and this is the right time to invest in gold etf funds

People have turned their attention to gold as cryptocurrency and stock markets have seen a slump in the current financial year.

It is worth noting that gold helped to overcome the economic crisis in 2008 when all stock markets collapsed.

But in the last couple of years, investments in gold have seen a decline due to various investment schemes. Covid infections, lack of job opportunities and the arrival of cryptocurrency and rising gold prices were the main reasons to curb its growth.

In this case, the price of gold has been rising significantly for the past one week. So investments in gold are again at the top of the ranking list.

Apart from that, it is well known that gold is one of the primary investments of Indians. Hence the focus of mutual fund companies are currently gearing up to launch funds for gold.

Not only gold but also silver metal has been giving good returns lately. ICICI Fractional Silver ETF was launched last month in January and currently has an AUM of Rs. 106.3 crores.

Similarly, mutual funds for the gold metal have also generated high returns. According to it, leading mutual fund companies like Birla Sun Life Gold ETF, ICIC Proncial Gold ETF and their AUM values ​​are currently yielding 5 to 10%.

Disclaimer: Mutual fund schemes are subject to market risks. Consult your advisor before investing and invest at your own discretion.


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