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Need a new charger for your Surface Pro 9 or have you lost your original one? From Surface Connect chargers to USB-C chargers, here are a few options.

The device is rated for 15.5 hours of battery life on the Intel-based model, while the 5G model is rated for 19 hours. In the end, when the juice dries up, it will need to be charged. Microsoft includes the Surface Connect charger in the box, but if you’ve lost it or need a replacement, here are some suggestions.

Note that, as with some devices, the Surface Pro 9 can be charged via USB-C. If you use a USB-C charger above 65W, you’ll get enough power to charge your Surface, without the need for Microsoft’s Surface Connect charger. Check out these and more below.

  • Surface Dock 2

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    Surface Dock 2

    The Surface Dock 2 is one of the best chargers for the Surface Pro 9. It’s not meant to be portable, but it’s great for use at your desk because it will charge your Surface Pro and give you additional ports at the same time with the included Surface Connect cable.

  • Anker Nano II

    You will need to supply your USB-C cable to the Anker charger. Unlike the Microsoft charger included with the Surface Pro 9, this charger will allow you to charge up to three different devices at the same time, all with 100W of power.

  • Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD Portable Charger B07XRJZXKY

    Traveling with your Surface Pro 9? The Anker Charger is a portable USB-C powered battery bank. You can connect your Surface Pro 9 to the USB-C port on this charger with the included cable and recharge when you’re away from the ports.

  • Monoprice USB C laptop charger

    This is a universal USB-C charger from Monoprice. It connects to the USB-C port on your Surface Pro 9 to power the device. It will also work with any other USB-C enabled device and includes a long 2.6 ft cable.

  • Surface Power Supply 127W
    Microsoft Surface 127W Power Supply

    Lost your original Surface Pro 9 charger? This third-party charger is cheaper than buying the original from Microsoft. It looks official and works the same way. Note that it also has a higher wattage of 127W, so it charges your Surface faster.

  • E EGOWAY Surface Pro charger
    E EGOWAY Surface Pro charger

    This is another third-party Surface Pro 9 charger. It’s similar to the original, but much cheaper, and it charges your Surface the same way via the Surface Connect port.

  • Anker PowerHouse II 400
    Anker PowerHouse II 400

    This isn’t really a charger so much as a hub for charging all of your devices. The Anker PowerHouse is great for emergency use. It has a built-in battery and AC outlets for connecting chargers when the power goes out.

  • Go Spigen Arcstation
    Spigen 100W USB-C charger

    If you prefer to purchase a 100W charger for your Surface from a brand other than Anker, this is the charger for you. It has two USB-C ports that can be used to charge your Surface, though you’ll have to supply your own cable.

  • ZMI zPower Turbo
    ZMI zPower Turbo charger 65W

    This is one of the rarer 65W chargers on our list that has fold-out prongs. It also comes with a USB-C cable, so you don’t need to buy one separately.

And this is about all the chargers that we can find for the Surface Pro 9. Again, we suggest you to buy a Surface Connect charger, because it is the most efficient and safest way to charge your Surface. And if you’re always at home, the Surface Dock works great. If you can’t find one of those and want something cheaper, USB-C chargers will work just fine, and you can even charge your other devices with them, too.

Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi model)

Surface Pro 9 (Wi-Fi model)

The Surface Pro 9 is a top-tier Windows tablet with Intel or Qualcomm processors, and it comes in multiple colors for the first time ever.

Surface Pro 9 5G

Surface Pro 9 5G

The Surface Pro 9 with 5G is powered by the new Microsoft SQ3 chipset and has a 120Hz display.


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