Betar Nordia Jerusalem beat Maccabi Jaffa 0: 2

Betar Nordia Jerusalem beat Maccabi Jaffa 0: 2

The last line in League A South. Today (Friday) the 32nd round of the league kicked off, with the focus of tension between the big three at the top, alongside the burning underground struggles. Maccabi Kabilio Jaffa lost 2: 0 to Betar Nordia Jerusalem and Gadi Carmeli, and the gap narrowed to two points. Big wins for Kfar Shalem and Kfar Qassem, which are after Jaffa. Jordan Valley.

Maccabi Kabilio Jaffa – Betar Nordia Jerusalem 2: 0

In Jaffa, they wore white today. A photographer even came to photograph the fans and the moments before the aliyah celebrations. Where is Aliyah and where is football. Betar Nordia Jerusalem won, although everyone was sure that today was a final match for the Second Division. Jaffa and Itzik Baruch. Goals by Yanya David and Itamar Offman made it 0: 2 in favor of the yellows of Gadi Carmeli, who before the opening was 100% sure that his team gets the points. Jaffa comes out of this game lost in every sense.

Eran Levy (Itzik Belnitsky)
Niv Flitter (Itzik Belnitsky)Niv Flitter (Itzik Belnitsky)
Ronen Peretz (Itzik Belnitsky)Ronen Peretz (Itzik Belnitsky)
Matan Beit Yaakov (Itzik Belnitsky)Matan Beit Yaakov (Itzik Belnitsky)
Home playersBetar Nordia players celebrate (Itzik Belnitsky)
Home playersBetar Nordia players celebrate (Itzik Belnitsky)
Jaffa players disappointed (Itzik Belnitsky)Jaffa players disappointed (Itzik Belnitsky)
Disappointed Dovev Gabay (Itzik Belnitsky)Disappointed Dovev Gabay (Itzik Belnitsky)
Matan Beit Yaakov and Dovev Gabay (Itzik Blanitzky)Matan Beit Yaakov and Dovev Gabay (Itzik Blanitzky)
Dovev Gabay (Itzik Belnitsky)Dovev Gabay (Itzik Belnitsky)
Disappointed Dovev Gabay (Itzik Belnitsky)Disappointed Dovev Gabay (Itzik Belnitsky)
Home playersBetar Nordia players (Itzik Belnitsky)

Hapoel Kfar Shalem – Hapoel Ashkelon 1: 7

Ashkelon did not meet the task today, after parting ways with Dimona 0-0 in the middle of the week. Kfar Shalem trampled it and clung to two points from Maccabi Kabilio Jaffa. The National League challah is still in the air. Avraham Tesfa shrank alongside the celebration of Ohad Kadusi (big quartet), Adji Ayford, Yair Shpongin and Sahar Barami.

Ohad Kadusi celebrates (Itzik Belnitsky)Ohad Kadusi celebrates (Itzik Belnitsky)

Samson Kfar Qassem – Maccabi Shaarim 0: 5

Gates continues to be disgraced and fans are tired of seeing the blue pearl from the streets deteriorate. Calls for change on the managerial side will tip the scales? time will tell. Yuval Naim and Samson Kfar Qassem woke up quite late this season. If Naim had been coming to the team since the beginning of the season, Ihab Sarsour’s team would probably have been in first place today. Still, only two points from the lead. Anas Mahamid was honored in the quartet, Siraj Nassar, the captain, completed.

Yuval Naim (Micha Benano)Yuval Naim (Micha Benano)

Hapoel Jordan Valley – Hapoel Bnei Lod 0: 5

In Lod, they gambled on the whole box office and failed miserably. The group, or at least what was left of it, descended to the penultimate place. Hanan Azulai and his trainees won hugely and left themselves a chance to stay in the league not in the way of the test matches against a representative of the Second Division, since, Eilat and Dimona mourned, along with the result of the draw between Azor and Herzliya in the corresponding games. Yossi Sallich (duo), Eyal Starkman, Shachar Balilti and Betamo Gohin conquered the Jordan Valley.

Hapoel Marmorek – Bnei Eilat 0: 3

What happens to Amir Cohen’s team? Another loss that took her to 14th place in the table, a place from which to get to the test matches against a representative of the Second Division at the end of the season. David Marten’s trainees did not have much difficulty in front of the southern team, which was caught up in less glamorous weeks for them. Two rounds to go, Eilat is closer to the second division than staying in the first division. Zohar Avisror, Eiko Eksbard and Diego Nikolaevsky toured the Eilat plaza.

Hapoel Marmorek players (Shahar Gross)Hapoel Marmorek players (Shahar Gross)

Dimona Sports Club – M.K. Jeremiah Holon 3: 0

Dimona on the way to the second division? Is it possible? It is possible? The fans can no longer understand what is happening to the club, which has a budget of close to NIS 3 million, at the bottom. Holon enjoyed a less successful day in Dimona’s defense and ran over it with goals from my little father, Daniel Karadi (myself) and three-year-old Gil. Holon in the top playoff, Dimona in real danger of relegation.

Hapoel Azor – Urban Kassifa 0: 0

Area survived a loss and relegation. Had it not been for the reduction of points to Kuseife at the start of the season, the team would have competed this season for the top playoff. Azor and Ksaifa are still in the second division picture, unfortunately. Six points at the box office, the gap between the two teams stands at three points. Any loss of area points next week, will tip the scales.

Urban as a fencer (courtesy of Jonathan Ginzburg)Urban as a fencer (courtesy of Jonathan Ginzburg)

Maccabi Herzliya – Maccabi Yavne 0: 0

Maccabi Herzliya is close to where they are competing with a second division team to stay in the league. Only a better goal difference left Eilat below it. The situation is not good in Herzliya. Will pretty much give up a spot in the top playoffs after that result.

Samson Tel Aviv – Maccabi Urban Ashdod 2: 1

Amit Malka and an excellent operation by Shaked Hatucha brought victory to Maccabi Ashdod, which remained in the first division for another season. Samson Tel Aviv will have to wait until next week to ensure its stay in the league. Gate of Or Hassidim from the other side, did no favors with Samson Tel Aviv.

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