Betrayals and sex in chat, for the Supreme Court are not innocent evasions

twelve o’clock, March 9, 2021 – 07:54

The Court “punishes” escapades even if online. The debate ignites: real transgressions, there is more emotion

of Anna Paola Merone

The embraces online are worth as much as those in presence. And the betrayals consumed in chat, the sighs exchanged through the screen of a smartphone cannot be classified as innocent escapes. This was decided by the Supreme Court by collapsing many of the capricious certainties of the virtual cheater.

“Indeed, a world ends”, comments Carlo Guardascione, protagonist of the Neapolitan social scene and teacher at Sister Orsola, and at the Air Force Academy, where he teaches his students the secrets of Protocol, Ceremonial and Label. “However, I don’t mind thinking that traitors may finally stop using chat and text messages. 80 percent of unions end precisely because computers and smartphones retain traces of betrayals that were once consumed in the secrecy of reserved alcoves. Now instead – he says – either out of distraction or because you are forced to show your chats it is easy to be discovered ».

Guardascione compares betrayal in chat to «an extreme sport, a climbing. There are too many obstacles. And yet – he remembers – I have enthusiastically experienced non-institutional encounters, those that for me cannot be considered as betrayals. But the chats bore me, as well as being traceable and requiring brave spirits, and I remain tied to the ritual ofcatch. To skin. Which must follow the hermeticism. Stories must be consumed in bombproof places, bunkers. Because there seems to be a Catholic nemesis that brings to light escapades that were supposed to remain very secret ».

And speaking of the Holy Roman Church, it was strictly Catholic education that guided Rosita Marchese’s choices. «I was a faithful woman – says the cultural manager – because I grew up with the idea that sex was linked to love. Then, maybe, I thought that I missed something on the way, but one thing is clear to me: we don’t replace sex with virtual games. Let’s keep the dignity, the chills, the chemistry, the smell. It is not betrayed with the intention, the virtual crime elevated to a concrete fact is the sign of times that tell of frustrations. I would say that it is appropriate to leave us real spaces to live. Without replacing men and women with things, let’s keep the looks, the sensations, the emotions ».

The architect Simona Ottieri evaluates the sentence considering that «emotionally chat is a strong thing. Of course, indulging in virtual escapades can also be an innocent thing, useful for the head, which serves to have fun and keep emotions alive, to feel wanted, to raise self-esteem. But – he adds – this is pure theory. Which refers to a light virtual dimension that must be hidden from anyone. Because betrayals are generally devastating and virtually and live they leave behind rubble ».

He is absolutely convinced that the Supreme Court has photographed the current society «where you register in chat with a very specific will, with the aim of betraying. To flirt online is no less serious, what counts is the willingness with which one is prepared to betray »explains architect Antonio Martiniello, who does not like betrayals. «I like to live erotic fantasies with the people I love, I believe in the uniqueness of relationships. I’m not one of those who think that fun is only related to the lover. But there continue to be many who believe that the wife or husband is a saint and the other or the other the whore with whom to get rid of all desires and unspeakable secrets. However – he adds – there are two types of traitors: those who no longer love and the serials. The latter have a pathology, a continuous need for transgressions: sex has almost nothing to do with it. It is a compulsion to do something secret and forbidden. And everyone does it, straight and gay ».

Martiniello emphasizes that “it is painful to be told that love is over, but it is humiliating to be faced with someone who betrays you in a boorish way with the first or the first who passes”. But wasn’t the gay world populated by cheerful and easygoing traitors? «A cliché. In my experience there is no difference between straight and gay. Hypocrisy and pathological and serial traitors are everywhere ».

March 9, 2021 | 07:54

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