Bettini leaves the board of the Film Fest and distances himself from Franceschini-Zingaretti-Gualtieri: “Don’t call me into question on cultural appointments”

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A storm wind has risen in the Democratic party romano. Goffredo Bettini decided to leave the board of directors of the Film Festival of Rome and to distance oneself from the trio of colleagues who are discussing name of cultural institutions and foundations: the Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini, the governor of Lazio Nicola Zingaretti and the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri. In a letter posted on Facebook, in response to an article that appeared on The paper, Bettini relaunches the content of an email sent to the three and in which he announces that he will ask “the president of the Istituto Luce, Chiara Sbarigia, to immediately relieve myself of the task of representing, on the board of directors of Cinema di Roma, the institution that she directs ”. Bettini is, and will remain, a director on the Board of Directors of Istituto Luce but he will renounce the role of representative of the same in the organization of the Rome Film Fest.

The decision is based on a meeting, held on Friday 26, and in which the three party colleagues – together with Albino Ruberti, head of cabinet of Gualtieri, former right hand of Zingaretti and with long militancy in the Capitoline cultural institutions – met to talk about the renewal of the heads of cultural institutions and foundations. A comparison in which, on the names to be evaluated, “my presumed ones emerged indications and will ”with a“ particular reference to the Film Festival ”, writes Bettini, rejecting the intention. “A few words that I have expressed on the subject in the past – he adds – was requested of me” and if it was said “it represented my act of generosity aimed at giving a contribution which does not pretend to in the slightest condition choices whose responsibility lies primarily with the mayor Roberto Gualtieri ”.

Already God from the machine of the syndication of Francesco Rutelli, for which he was first councilor and then president of the Auditorium, Bettini is considered a key man of the Roman Democratic Party, as well as very close to Zingaretti with whom, when the governor of Lazio was at the helm of the Democratic Party, he shared the joys and sorrows of the government count 2: executive in which, among other things, Gualtieri was the owner of the Economy and Franceschini, as now, of Culture. Mediator, in the months in which the choice of the Democratic Party on the candidate for mayor saw two alternatives in the field, Zingaretti and Gualtieri, Bettini has always publicly claimed to be extraneous to Roman events.

He also reiterated this in today’s post, December 4th, but also confirming that: “I spent myself completely disinterested to give Rome a worthy mayor and capable who is doing very well and enjoying mine esteem most absolute. And that I have repeatedly urged, one can ask him, to mark his authority and autonomy towards everyone ”. Finally, the exponent dem distances himself from the idea “that for twenty years” he has been deciding on the structures of culture in Rome: “It is simply false”, he writes. “Just see the names. All the greatest responsibilities were attributed by Alemanno and from Rays to people I don’t even know. Indeed – he underlines – in the last fifteen years I myself have been a victim of the change of the majority in Capitol, so much so that despite having unanimous trust from my boards of directors, I resigned as president of the Auditorium and the Film Festival “. Fifteen years later: another round, another resignation. This time, however, they resemble a farewell: “Please – concludes Bettini addressing the trio of party colleagues – even in institutional discussions future not to call myself into question, in any way and for any possible implication of the events “.

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