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Have they ever told you that the internet, in addition to being a place full of opportunities and offers, is also an environment where you can find heavy rip-offs around the corner? In Italy, in fact, certain news reveals that it is precisely illegality and crime that are at home in our country among the countless rooms of the web.

In a time when we spend a lot of time online and discover new platforms every second, we realize how much our money, the transactions we make and the personal information we leave behind are at the mercy of web thugs. According to the data of the latest report on cyber threats by Trend Micro Research, a US company specializing in Cybersecurity, our country has emerged as the fifth in the world (and first in Europe) most affected by malware, viruses and hackers. Their goal? Our money and our personal data.

But besides all the attacks coming from the outside world, there are also behaviors carried out by users that lead to risky situations. One example is online gaming.

In Italy many people use the internet to play in online casinos, virtual poker rooms and to bet on sporting events. But sometimes this happens on unsafe platforms, without a gaming license issued by the Customs and Monopoly Agency, that is, gaming platforms without protection and control, as well as illegal.

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Unfortunately, platforms without a gaming license, in addition to not guaranteeing protection for the player, can also afford to offer more attractive promotions for players, without having to pay taxes to the state. For this reason, some players prefer the risk of misconduct by the casino, in order to benefit from a promotion that is, at first sight, indispensable.

Fortunately, there are portals run by industry experts who review legal gaming platforms and rank them for users.

In this way you can find the best portals also based on the type of game you want. Usually, portals deal with one of the vertical sectors in online gaming: sports betting, online casinos, and poker, which thanks to the texas holdem variant, for example, is always a very popular game.

A useful analysis on gambling sites has highlighted what are the risks involved when playing on unsafe sites, and what are also the parameters to be taken into consideration when choosing a gaming platform. Among these there is obviously the presence of the ADM logo on each page of the site and the number of the license granted (if in doubt, to be checked on the ADM site).

Furthermore, there are a whole series of precautions that a user should always adopt, not only in the case of choosing a gaming platform. For example, it is important to always update the software installed, on a PC or smartphone that changes little. And it is also important to verify that the visited site uses the HTTPS protocol to secure exchanges

of information between the user and the site, even more so if sensitive information such as one’s credit card is transmitted.

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Online risks are always around the corner, and should never be underestimated, because they can affect anyone, at any time.


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