Between Libya and Turkey, the political axis also becomes energetic

On Monday, October 3, Turkey and the Libyan Government of National Unity (GNU) based in Tripoli, in the west of the country, signed two memorandums of understanding strengthening their energy and gas cooperation. According to the two signatories, indicates The Libya Observer, it is “dealing with the global gas and energy crisis”.

These agreements, specifies The Arab Weekly, include “potential energy exploration in maritime areas”. According to the pan-Arab site, among the issues raised was “Ankara’s possible participation in a trans-Saharan gas pipeline linking Nigeria to Libya to supply Europe with natural gas. The project would upset similar plans of Algeria”.

In addition to this energy aspect, the two partners intend to strengthen their commercial cooperation. “Trade between the two countries is expected to increase to $4 billion,” écrit The Libya Observer.

The political question has not been forgotten either, as Libya remains paralyzed by an institutional crisis which has split power into two opposing and enemy authorities, one based in Tripoli in the west, the other in Tobruk. to the east and south. The Libyan news site thus indicates that the two parties have agreed to “rallying international support for a shortened roadmap to


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