Between wait-and-see attitude and worry, entrepreneurs are rediscovering inflation

Our 100% “made in France” products are already quite expensive. Difficult to increase much more“, underlines Guillaume Gibault, founder and director of the French Slip. Jean-Christophe MARMARA/Le Figaro

They rely on agility and commercial efforts to defend their margins because passing on rising costs is often tricky.

Energy crisis, tensions on raw materials, inflation, revaluation of craftsmen’s wages… In an email sent to his customers, Martin Meunier, creator of the leather goods retailer Valet de piques, lists the reasons which compel him to increase his prices. He also took advantage of the message to encourage them to place an order before the label change. A headache for all entrepreneurs…

In the five shops of La Meringaie, in Paris, the cost price of the beautiful pavlovas displayed in the window has jumped by 15% compared to the summer of 2020. There is little flour in these meringue-based cakes but eggs , the price of which is rising because of the avian flu, whipped cream and fruit, which have also become more expensive. “It’s even more obvious for packaging, the price of which is exploding. And we have to order the boxes in which we serve the cakes at least six months in advance or risk not being delivered”sighs Marie Stoclet Bardon, co-founder…

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