In recent days, several advertisements evoking a “fuel card” offered by Total allowing you to obtain 200 liters of gasoline for 1.95 euros, have appeared on Facebook, noted BFM. According to these posts, the reduction would apply if the user completes a form beforehand.

The latter is therefore sent to a fake site similar to that of Total, where he must indicate his personal information including his credit card number to pay, according to the site, the 1.95 euro and be able to benefit from the 200 liters gasoline. After which the crooks have plenty of time to use the Internet user’s card.

Within hours, four new advertisements for this scam emerged on the social network, distributed from pages dubbed “Le carburaпt des Français”, “Discounts on fuel for the French” or even “Cartes defuel de ToтaІ Іnс. “, indicates BFM which specifies that in theory, the platform is supposed to verify the origin of the advertisements but struggles to thwart all the scams.

The scammers who developed this fake fuel card are no doubt surfing on the spectacular increase in prices at the pump following the war in Ukraine. On Monday, the Directorate General for Energy and Climate announced that the price of unleaded had increased by 8.8 euro cents over a week in France. Faced with this sharp increase, the government acted by introducing a discount of 15 euro cents per liter, which should be “replaced by a permanent and targeted system according to criteria of income and use of the vehicle in a professional context” , according to the report of the Council of Ministers of May 11.

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