“Beware of wearing a mask!!! Do not wear a mask in these cases to preserve your health and not be exposed to dangers!!”

In view of the health conditions that the country went through and with the spread of the Coruna virus and the issuance of some preventive measures identified by the World Health Organization, especially since no antidote to this disease has been discovered, but there are a group of groups that must avoid wearing masks in order to preserve their health, as the Center indicates Noting that wearing masks may not be feasible in all situations or for some people, in some cases wearing a mask may cause a physical or mental health condition, lead to a medical emergency, or cause Big concerns.

Cases in which a mask should not be worn:

Children under the age of two.
Younger children (eg pre-school or early primary age) may not be able to wear a mask properly, especially for an extended period, so the priority should be to wear masks at times when it is difficult to maintain a meter distance from others (for example, while dropping off or picking up carpools, or when queuing at school)
Anyone experiencing difficulty breathing
Any person who is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.
During activities that may get the mask wet, such as swimming at the beach or pool, because a wet mask can make it difficult to breathe, and for activities such as swimming, it is important to maintain physical distance from others when you are in the water.
People who are deaf or hard of hearing, because they may not be able to wear masks if they rely on lip reading to communicate.
People with intellectual disabilities or mental health conditions.


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