Bheemante Vazhi actress Megha Thomas Opens Up About Her Character and Kunchacko Boban


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Ashraf Hamza’s Bhima’s way with Kunchacko Boban as the captain is moving forward with a good response. The film is scripted by Chemban Vinod Jose. The strong female characters in the film are also noticed. Megha Thomas, who made her presence known in Malayalam through Shyama Prasad’s Sunday, has played the lead role of Kinnari in the film. Megha is now sharing her movie experiences. Megha opened her mind in an interview with Manorama Online.

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Although my parents are Malayalees, I was born and raised in Delhi. Although she was active in extra-curricular activities during her school days, she had no intention of becoming an actress at that time. He was on leave for about three months after the Class XII examination. At that time my mother told me to join a theater group. That was the first step towards acting. That’s what the cloud says.

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Sally, another actress in ‘One Sunday’, had suggested the film to director Ashraf Hamza. Megha says that he is casting me to Bhima after watching that movie. But I only got to know this information after the shooting started. Megha says that although she knew him before the film, she was not a person who knew him personally. Ashraf Hamza called me in September 2020 and asked if I would be free in December. He calls it Kovidoka, especially when he’s sitting without any work. Megha says the call was a great hope. But Megha says there was no communication for some time after that and with this, the hopes started to fade slightly.

But the call came in November. He heard the story. It contained a very emotional phone conversation between the giant and the harp. It’s just that. Megha recalls that she knew then that Chackochan, Chemban Vinod and Girish Gangadharan were part of the project. Megha also talks about her hero Kunchacko Boban in the movie. The actor says that Chackochan was his childhood hero. During my childhood, I relied on television to watch Malayalam movies. On Saturdays and Sundays after church, two Malayalam channels would be switched on at the same time to watch movies. At that time I had seen my aunt. Kinnaree says the truth is that Chackochan had no shortage of youth then and today.

The actor says he had a good tension over how to interact with an artist who has been in the film industry as senior as Chackochan for 10 to 25 years. But Megha says that he misunderstood all those notions and that Chackochan was a very simple cool man. Mekha plays the role of a railway engineer from Karnataka. Chemban Vinod has been working in Bangalore for some time. Megha also reveals that Kinnaree is the name of his close friend there. But Megha says that there is no connection between the harp in the movie and herself in real life. But Megha says that character has personally influenced me. .

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Actress Rima Kallingal is one of the producers of Bhima’s Road. Megha also shares what Rima’s reaction was after seeing the film. Rima first met me at the movie’s preview show. After the preview, Rima asked me where my house is in Karnataka. Megha says that it was a huge recognition for my character. The actor says that many people who have seen the movie think that he is really a mirror. “I’m the one who gave the voice to the harp,” he said.

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Bheemante Vazhi actress Megha Thomas Opens Up About Her Character and Kunchacko Boban

Story first published: Wednesday, December 8, 2021, 15:20 [IST]


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