Bianchi: “Enough inequalities at school, 62 million for the study”

twelve o’clock, March 11, 2021 – 08:51

The minister replies to Moreno and signs a decree on the educational offer

of Vincenzo Esposito

A first response to the letter from the street teacher Cesare Moreno published yesterday fromCorriere del Mezzogiorno: the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi signed the decree that defines the criteria and parameters for the use of the 61 million 944 thousand euros intended for the expansion of the training offer, which will be used by schools also to implement targeted actions in response to the critical issues caused by the pandemic, especially in the most disadvantaged areas of the country.

A necessary intervention, as Moreno wrote to Minister Bianchi to «avoid stealing the lives of children. The school is not only an essential service, it is much more: it is the source of the thought of the new generations where they can find a way of truth ». And so, Cesare Moreno asked in his open letter, we must also avoid that “any authority decides to suddenly close it” and that “only those who explicitly request it follow the lessons from a distance.” But the most important thing is that “Students with little means should be helped in Dad”.

And the decree signed by Bianchi goes in this sense. «It is a first important intervention – he explains – to expand the didactic offer that pays particular attention to the fight against poverty education and dispersion: the resources will be used to ensure greater equity, quality and inclusion capacity of the national education and training system. There will be other funding – continues Minister Bianchi – which will allow us to build, also thanks to the resources of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, a great National plan on educational poverty, to ensure the maximum inclusion and equal rights to our girls and our boys, regardless of their starting conditions, as required by our Constitution. This will be one of the main strategic lines of my mandate ».

The decree provides that 40 million euros will be used to combat early school leaving and intended for the elimination of territorial gaps, the promotion of inclusion and equal opportunities of female students and students. Almost 22 million euros will be dedicated to special projects and innovative ones of a national nature, of participation in the school life of students and families and the fight against bullying. “The country – said Minister Bianchi – must demonstrate in the face of the pandemic not only that it is capable of a reaction, but of a reaction based on a profound capacity for innovation to react to growth of differences and inequalities in the country: there are inequalities between North and South, between center and periphery, gender and social differences that are unacceptable ”.

The minister also intervened at the presentation of the dossier School ecosystem 2021. And he specified: “There are three very clear issues on which to intervene: a theme of sustainability, knowing what it means, making it your own: regulatory acts are needed, but if they are not supported by a large movement that ensures that throughout the country this sustainability becomes the key to our return to being a united country, it will not work. The second theme is infrastructures: digital, physical, security. We need to invest in school safety now. There is also the Recovery Plan, but there are resources that we have unlocked. Finally, the issue of mobility, which concerns the school but not only, all civil life, work and the life of a city. We must all get back on the move: only by setting the country in motion can we get out of the pandemic crisis,emergence of inequality».

Bianchi has also signed a Decree on school building which allocates one billion and 125 million euros for extraordinary maintenance work on secondary schools. The ministerial decree assigns economic resources directly to provinces, metropolitan cities and territorial decentralization bodies for safety measures, energy requalification and new construction.

March 11, 2021 | 08:51

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