Biblioteca dei Girolamini and stolen books: an (incredible) journey between Borges and Naples

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A preview clip of Antonio Castaldo’s documentary, «Thief of books», on December 19th on Sky Arte – by Antonio Castaldo /Courier TV

On Saturday 19 December at 9.15 pm the documentary will be premiered on Sky Arte (Channels 120 and 400 of Sky, narrator: Enrico Ianniello) Book thief. Signed by the journalist of the Corriere della Sera Antonio Castaldo, the film reconstructs the theft of ancient books which took place in the library of the Girolamini in Naples, open to the public at the end of the sixteenth century. A theft of over two thousand volumes, discovered in 2012, in which the then director Massimo De Caro was the protagonist. The title “book thief”. The documentary also traces other De Caro “enterprises”, such as the forgery of two editioprinceps by Galileo. Here, a preview of a clip that takes you to Argentina, in the footsteps of Jorge Luis Borges. Where De Caro made the first moves in international antiques. Book thief shows the footage of the security cameras of the Girolamini library. With interviews with the scholars Tomaso Montanari and Filippo Maria Pontani, who were the first to sound the alarm about the looting of the Neapolitan library; to the prosecutor of Naples Giovanni Melillo, who conducted the investigation. And also to Borges’ widow, María Kodama, a witness to her husband’s passion for books and libraries.


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